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Sustainability in removals

Sustainable removals done correctly.

Sustainability in removals is important to our ethos. We are very proud to announce that we are certified Norfolk Net Zero Waste Champions

A history into sustainability.

Loads4Less as a company has been around for almost 13 years now.

During this time, we have saved thousands of tons of house clearances items from going to landfill.

We certainly don’t like to see things go to waste, so we have become very good at finding new uses for the things we collect.

Sustainability in removals. The loads4less net zero badge of honour.

Recently, we achieved our goal of becoming more sustainable. This means that we are doing our part to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

In short we are proud of our efforts and will continue to work hard to find new ways to reuse and recycle the items we collect.


We also know it is very important to give back to the community and help where possible. So, with that at the heart of what we do, we can proudly say we have donated many pounds worth of items to EACH (East Anglian Children’s Hospice), Oxfam, Salvation Army, Refuge’s, and to the less privileged and people in need, amongst others. 

Loads4less Director Adam Soall outside the East Anglia’s Childrens Hospice shop in Norwich.

Upcycle and re-use.

Where possible we will repair/upcycle items to give them a new lease of life and help reduce our carbon footprint

With the very few items we cannot find a use for will then get collected by our partners at Green Planet Environmental Ltd. Where this goes through number of state-of-the-art machines and processes to be further recycled/reused. 

Logistics and sustainable thinking.

Sustainability in removals also means potentially tying in jobs to reduce costs for our customers and reduce our carbon emissions.  With customer satisfaction being our number 1 priority and our passion for helping the environment and saving on carbon emissions.

We offer what we call a “green grouping service“. The service involves combining several pickups/drop offs in a similar area, locally or nationally, where possible, using our vehicle GPS tracking systems. This allows us to reduce our customers costs and in turn our carbon footprint. 

Vehicles and Technology.

As electric vehicles are still not suitable for our industry yet, we have recently invested in vehicles that are a lot more fuel efficient and run with AdBlue which helps minimise pollutants. So far we have invested recently in

-Newer vehicles using AdBlue.

-The latest technology to allow us removals jobs to be paperless. 

We have also recently invested in the latest software, with a CRM system that has allowed us to be more sustainable by going completely paperless. It also offers our customers a more user-friendly and efficient experience. 

Plans in place to stay green.


Our packing materials are made from recycled materials.

But what exactly are recycled materials?

Recycled packaging materials are made from materials that have already been used before. This could be anything from paper to plastic to metal. The process of recycling these materials involves collecting them, sorting them, cleaning them, and then turning them into new products, including packaging materials.

For example, recycled paper packaging is made from used paper products such as cardboard boxes, newspaper, and magazines. These materials are sorted and processed to remove any contaminants such as ink or glue, and then turned into new paper products.

Recycled plastic packaging is made from used plastic products such as water bottles, milk jugs, and food containers. These plastics are sorted by type and then melted down to create new plastic products such as bottles, containers, and bags.

Recycled metal packaging is made from used metal products such as aluminum cans and steel containers. These metals are sorted, cleaned, and melted down to create new metal products such as cans, jars, and other containers.

The use of recycled packaging materials helps to conserve natural resources and reduce waste. It also reduces the amount of energy needed to create new packaging materials from raw materials, which in turn helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve the environment for future generations.

Green collection service.

We also offer a Green Collection Service for all of our local customers. 

This is a service where we can offer our customers a heavily discounted rate for packing materials if collected/returned to us once used. 

Wrapping this up..

To wrap things up sustainability in removals is a full time job and vision for the present and future of our company Loads4Less.


Adam Soall image Director of Loads4Less

Adam S – Director (Loads4Less).