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Myah O'Shea Avatar
Myah O'Shea
The movers were punctual and the overall experience was seamlessly handled. Would recommend 👌 - 15/06/24
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Jason Brown Avatar
Jason Brown
Great service as always, bang on time and great people! Will use again! - 07/06/24
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Dean P Avatar
Dean P
No fuss, friendly and helpful - 06/06/24
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Graham Colman Avatar
Graham Colman
These guys are awesome. We used them for my mum's house move. Wayne and Patrick worked solidly all day long going above and beyond, especially when two truck loads turned out to be three and the day got a whole lot longer. Moreover, they also paid attention to what went where and were able to find stuff when we couldn't! Will defo recommend and would use them again for sure. - 04/06/24
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alan macartney Avatar
alan macartney
A first class service moved us on the day and went above and beyond to help us. The whole experience was made easy by professional staff. The attention to detail in protecting our furniture vision on how to move awkward furniture. Very pleasant staff and fair price. Thank you Loads 4 Less you made our move easy The Macartney’s - 04/06/24
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Linda Visser Avatar
Linda Visser
Fab service again from Loads4Less. Lovely friendly guys, nothing was too lush trouble and they work REALLY quickly!!! - 04/06/24
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Ann M Avatar
Ann M
Made moving very easy, quick and efficient. Really lovely friendly lads too - 03/06/24
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lizzie small Avatar
lizzie small
Fantastic experience from enquiry to move. The customer service team (Richard K) answered all kinds of silly questions during the booking process - they were incredibly responsive, reassuring and patient. Whilst I didn’t find the prices competitive against London removals. For instance, I was quoted one person instead of the usual two but they were flexible enough to arrange for a second person to help with unloading at the destination. The customer service made me go ahead with trying Loads4Less for my move to Norwich. I’m very glad I did. Walid was a hero moving all my stuff and bulky items under some difficult circumstance's. He was skilled, efficient and courteous throughout - and all the while didn’t break a sweat! I’m very pleased with everything. They are a highly professional and neat operation with a focus on delivering an all-round service. I will be recommending, and using Loads4Less again in the future. - 02/06/24
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Colin Breckons Avatar
Colin Breckons
Shoutout to Loads4Less for Exceptional Service! I want to extend a huge thank you to the team at Loads4Less for their extreme professionalism and solid work ethic. They certainly have a solid customer focused attitude. Today, the Loads4Less team moved a massive industrial rack for us that easily weighed in at 600kg of solid metal back pain, sweat and tears. They handled it without breaking a sweat, the did the job right even ensuring they lifted and moved the pieces in the correct fashion, what appears to be a reoccurring theme every time we use loads4less is me not even having to lift a finger! Loads4Less has consistently demonstrated a brilliant work ethic. The company is obviously doing something right, and I wish they could bottle it and sell it as the business world needs more people with go get 'em attitude that these guys have, they even went above and beyond by wrapping the rack up in a tarp and tying it all down with me, far beyond the remit of the job because they cared to ask if i needed help due to being short handed. If you're looking for a team that knows their stuff and gets the job done efficiently, I highly recommend Loads4Less. - 31/05/24
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Philippa Ballard Avatar
Philippa Ballard
Fantastic work, from the phone call explaining timings last week, the men who came worked incredibly hard and we very careful and considerate. A brilliant experience thank you! - 28/05/24
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Mikaela Bailey Avatar
Mikaela Bailey
Absolutely amazing team, they were so lovely, kept us calm, chatty and happy throughout the move. Couldn’t have wished for a better team, thank you Sterling, Wallid and Paul, you were fantastic - 28/05/24
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Jason Warren Avatar
Jason Warren
Excellent service, professional, hardworking and careful .. plus dismantled and reassembled items too ... first class experience would highly recommend - 24/05/24
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Patrick Smith Avatar
Patrick Smith
Big thank you to Troy and Walid for getting us moved and making it seem easy. On time and loaded up quickly. Professional and after speaking to them what was a stressful day immediately felt better and calmer. Also had great tips for moving white goods around without marking/ scuffing our new kitchen floor! - 13/05/24
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Rob Sendall Avatar
Rob Sendall
The guys did a great job of emptying furniture and boxes from my old flat, as per pics, securing everything very well in the van, and moving it all into my new flat. 2 hours all done, including a wait for the keys to arrive. Very efficient, no damage, excellent service. - 08/05/24
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David Galbraith Avatar
David Galbraith
Great service from start to finish. Thanks all from Loads for Less - 29/04/24
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Joanna Chilton Avatar
Joanna Chilton
A great experience with Loads4Less from the first call, through the booking process, actual move and checking out once completed. The process of getting the right service in place was very easy, as was placing the order and deposit. Chris gave a fantastic service on the day and everything reached Norwich safely and quickly. They also offer the service to travel in the van which was very very useful for me. Unloading at Big Yellow was totally smooth and the final balance settling was straightforward. Would most definitely use L4L for my future moving needs...thanks folks! - 29/04/24
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Shelley Rudling Avatar
Shelley Rudling
I can't recommend Loads4Less and Managing Director, Adam highly enough! I recently needed to clear out a house, and it was an emotionally charged situation that needed to be done quickly. Adam and his staff went above and beyond anything I could have expected. From the very beginning, Adam was incredibly understanding and compassionate. He knew this was a difficult time for me, and he treated the whole situation with sensitivity. His staff followed suit – they were incredibly careful and respectful while clearing out the house. It was a monumental task, but they tackled it with care and compassion, making a very difficult process much easier to bear. Loads4Less is a truly genuine and ethical company. They put their customers first, and it shows in everything they do. If you're facing a house clearance, or any kind of removal job, don't hesitate to call them. They'll take care of everything, and they'll do it with the utmost professionalism and respect. Thank you, Adam and Loads4Less team, for making a difficult time so much easier to manage. - 19/04/24
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Hannah Edwards Avatar
Hannah Edwards
We’ve just moved for the 3rd (& hopefully last time) with Loads 4 Less, I can’t fault the process, from booking it and how hard the guys work, it’s made our move so less stressful. Would always highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Adam and his team as always x - 14/04/24
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As an employee at Loads4Less, I myself Andy cannot emphasise enough the significance of obtaining outstanding Google reviews for our company.

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Continuous Improvement through Customer Feedback:

Every review, whether positive or constructive, provides us with valuable insights into our customers’ experiences and expectations. We can use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and enhance our service quality. By listening to our customers and taking their feedback into account, we can refine our processes, address any concerns, and ensure that we continue to exceed expectations.

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Regards – Andy Thorpe – Customer Services Manager

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