House Clearance Service For Solicitors

House Clearance Service For Solicitors, we have you covered.

We understand that many house clearances occur as a result of bereavement. The removal and resale of possessions can be a difficult and complex time. Even more worrying are matters of Probate and Inheritance Tax.

At Loads4less, we understand the sensitivity surrounding house clearances, particularly those following bereavement. Our team works alongside probate lawyers and families every day, providing support and assistance during what can be a challenging time.

Our discreet and efficient probate house clearance service aims to ease the burden for families facing such circumstances. Here are some ways we strive to assist:

Convenience: Probate house clearances can be highly time-consuming, and solicitors and Will executors are often unable to dedicate the necessary hours quickly. Even a modest estate can be a big challenge, so delegating this task makes sense and allows focused time on other areas relating to the deceased’s estate.

Environmentally Friendly Practices: We live in an era where, thankfully, there is a strong emphasis on green practices, but this can often provide a major stumbling block to those who are inexperienced with clearing a house. Understanding exactly what can and cannot be recycled, for example, requires in-depth research, otherwise there’s a risk of fines for incorrect disposals.

Upcycling & Donations:Whenever we can, anything picked up that’s suitable will either be donated to charity or to a local community project. We also work with many upcyclers, who will happily extend the life of your goods in a new way, as part of their creations.

Recycling: For items unsuitable for donation, we will fully recycle. We have a zero-landfill policy and choose to work only with organisations that divert their ‘non-recyclable’ waste to more productive and beneficial uses such as generating green energy.

Cleaning Services: Our probate house clearance process doesn’t end with the removal of goods. Very often, after items are removed from the property it can become obvious that the property is in desperate need of care and attention. And, for the executor of the will in particular, it can be highly beneficial to use a house clearance company to provide additional cleaning services such as carpets, units, walls and even the garden or outdoor space.

We offer free quotations and varying services, from just a single item uplift, shed or garage clearance to full house or commercial premises.